Chef James Aptakin.

.TEAM HAWAII: Chef James Aptakin, Chef ROC, Chef Salvatore Moretti 
Photography by Courtland William Richards
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Want to Thank so many to help us get there 1st runner up at the World Food Championships, 1st place twice in Seafood category to reach the finals. Such a true honor to come out to World Food Championships and make it all the way through a passionate week of cooking 4 different dishes with mana and being part of this amazing new ohana. Winning the Seafood Category this year being from Honolulu, Hawaii is a true honor for sure. Wanted to thank so many to help us get there @waileaagricultual AG growers Lesley Hill for flying hearts of palm and finger limes overnight from Hawaii, Hawaiian Chip Company Jimmy Chan for sending amazing Hawaiian chips, Aloha ShoyuGerda Tom sending the magic love of Aloha Shoyu representing, Ham Produce Bobby for hooking it up sending everything under the sun to ensure we rocked it, DiBuono A Mike for driving countless hours to bring us the best products and so many others as well as competitors chefs helping us find and get products we were missing is love right there!!! Herb & Pepper Farm Jesse Carbullido for amazing fresh cut from his farm the morning of every event, Ernie Anderson Graham Shrimp Co 251-824-3536 for his passion inspiration and seafood, Orange Beach, Alabama for the Love!!! We met amazing talented passionate people in one Alabama, it blew me away.

Graham Shrimp Co was proud the source shrimp for the first round of forty for the shrimp scampi at World Championships.

Dear Ernie,
We are finally finding our way back to our world following the 2016 Blogger Summit and the World Food Championships. 
I wanted to thank you for all that you did to make the Blogger Summit such a success! I hope that you've been able to follow the #WFCBlogger2016 to see some of what's now posting about both the tour of Graham Shrimp Company AND the incredible lunch you hosted with Organized Seafood! 
It is interesting that we have become so distant from where our food is from. It is wonderful that you are part of bringing back that connection and giving us a window into the passionate families who are continue to farm the oceans and those who are committed to bringing that bounty to our tables. It was obvious that it is a rich life of community and a challenging one to operate.
As the bloggers talked about the trip to Bayou La Batre the most common thread was how passionate you are about the work that you do every day and the very real families whose livelihood depends on a healthy ocean water and a fair marketplace. 
I know that I am actively now checking for where my seafood came from! - And, based on their facebook posts, so are the bloggers who spoke with you!
Again, thank you for your work with the 2016 Blogger Summit! 
Amy Green and Claudia Johnson
World Food Championships Communications Team